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Private Airport Transfers

We are happy to arrange for you an airport pick up and drop from Montego Bay or Kingston airport with our favorite local driver. Our favorite local driver would be just outside arrivals for you with Katamah shirt on or sign, you may chat with them when you meet about any needed stops, cash machine or specific food requests. Ride rates are based off 2 passengers.

From Montego Bay to Treasure Beach it is 2-2.5 hour direct drive and the cost is $140 USD one way. From Kingston the drive is 3.5-4 hours by direct car and the cost is $220 USD. Transfers are always to be paid in cash upon arrival to your destination. Email us your full flight information if you would like to schedule an airport transfer or if you have any questions or special requests!

                                                                                                                            Public Transportation

You may take a charter bus such as the Knutsford Express from Montego Bay or Negril to Luana, Black River which is our nearest city. From the bus point in Luana, it is 45-60 minutes to Treasure Beach and Katamah. From Luana you have the choice of the shared route taxis or arranging a Katamah driver to meet you and drive you. The cost of a private taxi from Luana is $50 USD.

                                                      KINGSTON or PORT ANTONIO

A bus such as the Knutsford Express will carry you from these locations to Mandeville or Gutters. These bus points are each about 60 - 80 minutes drive to Treasure Beach and Katamah. For a taxi to be arranged to meet you, just let us know when your bus is expected to arrive. The cost of this taxi is between $60 - $80 USD.