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With Love from Treasure Beach
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               Jamaica's South Coast offers visitors a gorgeous natural landscape, a friendly, caring community, sprawling unspoilt beaches, delicious food and a peaceful environment.

From fresh seafood, safari tours, waterfalls, hiking to boat rides and historic landmarks, the many wonders of the South Coast are best explored from Treasure Beach.

Katamah is an ideal vacation rental for beachfront rejuvenation as well as off the beaten path experiences.

At Katamah, we are always happy to recommend guides and tours for your discovery of the South Coast by land or sea. We look forward to assisting you in creating your ideal balance of relaxation and adventure during your stay!

Katamah Treasure Beach Jamaica South Coast Villa Cottage Cabin Paradise Vacation
Katamah Treasure Beach Jamaica South Coast Villa Cottage Cabin Paradise Vacation
Katamah Treasure Beach Jamaica South Coast Villa Cottage Cabin Paradise Vacation
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3 Day Itinerary for Treasure Beach, Jamaica 

"Treasure Beach qualifies as an excellent base for a Jamaican vacation, especially if what you are seeking is peace and quiet, leisurely days on the beach, and enjoying a hidden gem of the island. Treasure Beach is located in an area known as the "breadbasket" of Jamaica because most of the island's fruit and vegetables are grown here. Fishing communities are also located here, so you can enjoy the freshest seafood along with farm-grown produce." - Staff Writer, Jamaicans.com
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Treasure Beach

"Travelling on Jamaica’s South Coast, you’ll discover a treasure chest of coves and bays, where the Caribbean meets our sandy and sometimes rocky shores. A mixture of dark and white-sand stretches, rocky coves, fishermen’s enclaves and secluded swimming spots, the South Coast’s shores promise a range of possibilities. A favourite beach community of both locals and visitors alike is Treasure Beach (a spot that surely lives up to its name). Treasure Beach is a six-mile stretch of coral-coloured and sometimes black sands, private coves and rocky shores. For travellers who want to discover the South Coast’s vibrant local culture and people and are in search of untrodden beaches, a visit to one of Treasure Beach’s main bays – Billy's, Calabash, Fort Charles (also known as Starve Gut) Great and Frenchman’s – is a must. In Calabash Bay, friendly fishermen dock their brightly painted canoes and unload the day’s catch. Visitors swarm, waiting patiently at beachfront cafes and stands, so they can be first to enjoy it – soon to be seasoned and grilled to perfection. Other uniquely Jamaican dishes, such as curried goat, jerked meat and pumpkin soup are also available at roadside stands at Treasure Beach’s public beaches. All lovely, laid-back stretches are well-suited for swimming, snorkeling, biking, hiking, and of course, the mellow vibes of kicking back in the sun with a cold Red Stripe in hand. Local Flavour: Treasure Beach's freshly caught fish and seafood cooked with local spices and ground provisions. Famous For: The many bays and inlets that mark the coastline. Don't Miss: The Treasure Beach Triathlon held each year. Swim, bike and hike through the scenic communities around Treasure Beach" - www.visitjamaica.com/listing/treasure-beach

Floyd's Pelican Bar

The World Famous Floyd's Pelican Bar stands 1 mile off the South Coast in the middle of the ocean. Take a boat right from our shores in Frenchman's Bay with one of our favorite local captains. Enjoy cold drinks, fresh fish and incredible views all day. Tours can be arranged anytime with Katamah Management.

YS Falls Estate + Restaurant

Visit the breathtaking YS Falls, waterfalls and estate. The four tier waterfall flows through the lush property. Guests can enjoy swimming in the falls, swings, zip lines, pools, 2 restaurants and dining facilities. This day trip is a 50 minute drive from Katamah Guesthouse. A driver can be arranged through Katamah Management any time for guests without a car. Open 9am - 4pm and Closed on Mondays.
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Katamah Treasure Beach Jamaica Paradise Vacation Rental Cabin Cottage Villa
Katamah Treasure Beach Jamaica South Coast Villa Cottage Cabin Paradise Vacation
 Interior: The Amina Cabin, Katamah Guesthouse Cottage at Beach Property Central Treasure Beach Jamaica South Coast
Katamah Treasure Beach Jamaica South Coast Villa Cottage Cabin Paradise Vacation