> All Guests of Katamah agree to be responsible for the cost of your reservation and any additional goods or services purchased during your stay.

> You agree to be responsible for the cost of any damages to the property of Katamah during your stay.


> Check In is available between 3pm and 6pm daily.

> Guests must confirm an estimated arrival time with Katamah Managementso we can assure someone is present for your arrival. Contact katamahjamaica@gmail.com to give your ETA!

> Early Check in is available as early as 1PM for $25 USD Fee. Guests arriving early can check bags until your room is prepared. We will do our best to have your room ready as soon as possible.

> Late Check In carries $25 USD Fee after 7pm requires an appointment with your estimated arrival time. Contact katamahjamaica@gmail.com to schedule your Late Check in.


> Check-Out time is 10AM.

> Late Check Outs carry additional $25 USD Fee.

> Late Check Outs are by request with Katamah Management only and granted up to 2PM based on availability.

> Check Out Process has 3 Steps.
1) Return your Room Key to your Room Door.
2) Complete Cash Payment with a Katamah Manager for Drinks Tab and any Late Check Out Fee or any Laundry Services that apply to your stay.
3) If your room is not prepaid, it must also be settled at your check out.

Property Guidelines

> The Communal Kitchen: The Katamah Kitchen is opened and cleaned by the staff at 8am. The Kitchen is now available for one guest or group of guests use at a time. Sanitization station is located directly outside the kitchen entrances. Please allow others to finish using the space before your use. Disinfecting and sanitizing supplies are provided in the kitchen. Guests must use before and after any activity in the kitchen.

> All staff and guests are required to wash and sanitize their hands regularly. All must maintain 6 feet of social distance from any persons not in their party as often as possible.

> Housekeeping: Daily Housekeeping is available upon request only. Let the Katamah Manager or Owners know any day during your stay if you would like housekeeping service to your room.

> Long Term Stays of 7 Nights or more require at least 1 mandatory deep cleaning service by housekeeping staff weekly.

> Wi-Fi: Free Wi Fi is available through out the property.

> Smoking: Smoking is permitted outdoors on the property, just not inside your room or directly outside another guests room. Seating areas are provided outside for smoking. We ask smokers to respect the space of our families and other non-smoking guests.

> Visitors: Only guests registered at the time of booking are included in your reservation and permitted on the property. Please inform Management if you have any Family or friends picking you up or dropping you off that need to be let in.

> Laundry Service: Laundry service is $10 USD per load. A load of laundry is considered 15 items or less. Laundry can be requested daily with Katamah Manager and put outside your room door in a provided Laundry Bag or Bin.

> Laundry services are to be PAID IN CASH ONLY directly to the Katamah Manager during your Check out. Unpaid laundry bills will be added to your final bill with an additional credit card processing fee of $10 USD. All Unpaid Laundry Bills will be charged to the credit card on file for your stay.

> Drinks and Beverages : In the Kitchen, we have cold drinks for sale and we offer complimentary hot drinks! Cold drinks and Hot beverages are available in the shared kitchen during your stay with us. Drinks are self serve, and guests are asked to keep a Drink Tab in the book provided. Drink Tabs are to be paid CASH ONLY at your Check Out.

> Unpaid Drink Tabs will be added to your final bill with an additional credit card processing fee of $10 USD. All Drink Tabs will be charged to the credit card on file for your stay.

> Modesty Policy: At Katamah Guesthouse we observe a modesty policy, there is no nudity or partial nudity permitted on the property. This includes toplessness and thong bikini.

> Room Key: Your Room key is located in your room door at Check in, this key is to be returned to the lock in the door to your room so it may be sanitized before the next guests use.

> Lost or Stolen Keys: Contact us right away if you have taken your key and can return it. Lost or taken keys carry a $40 USD replacement fee.
This requires the entire lock to be replaced. When the key cannot be returned, this $40 USD fee will be added to your final bill and we will charge your credit card on file for this after your check out.

Payment Policy

> All reservations are to be prepaid in full at the time of booking. All reservaitons are nonrefundable. Unpaid reservations are not finalized.

> All reservations require a credit card on file with each reservation. To make payment by VISA or Mastercard, guests will prompted to send their payment securely with our FYGARO online processor.

> Alternate Payment Options: CASH Payment Upon Arrival is available upon request at time of booking. To make a CASH Payment simply add "Paying Cash" to in your booking your form at www.katamah.com and your credit card on file will not be charged.

> You are responsible for the full cost of your booking in the case that you do not show up or have to cancel your stay.

> Cancellations due to COVID 19 travel restrictions or Positive test result can receive a COVID Credit to be rebooked or rescheduled See Cancellation Policies listed below.

Cancellation Policy

> All bookings are nonrefundable.

> Cancellations due to confirmed case of exposure to COVID-19 can receive a Katamah Stay Credit. Conditions apply.

> COVID Credit Conditions: Limit of one time use or one rescheduling is available per COVID Credit. Seasonal rate fluctuations and price changes apply to all rescheduled reservations. Special offers and credit vouchers cannot be combined and are NOT applicable to reservations during ALL Holidays, Holiday weekends or Calabash Literary Festival dates.

> Questions, Concerns or special requests? Contact us by email at katamahjamaica@gmail.com

Payment Policy > All reservations require a credit card on file with each reservation. You will be responsible for the full cost of your booking at the time of booking. All reservations are nonrefundable. There will be no refund due in the case that you do not show up or have to cancel your stay. > Special requests for payment plans or deposits must be made with Katamah Management at katamahjamaica@gmail.com

3:00 PM - 9:00 PM
If arriving outside of check-in times, please call to make arrangements.

Children are welcome with an accompanying adult. Children age 3 and under stay free. Pets are not allowed.

Covid Safety Policies & Procedures

> At Katamah Guesthouse we have a strict guests only property and are not open to the general public. For the safety of our other guests, our family, employees and neighbors, compliance with the following protocols is mandatory and any infraction can result in removal from the premises. 

>  Employees and guests must wash and sanitize their hands through out the day, maintain 6 feet physical distance at all times and wear face masks in common areas or whenever in contact with other guests or staff.

> On the walkways and communal areas, employees and guests are asked to give 6 feet or more of physical distance at all times. Signage at the entrance indicates the need to wear a face mask or covering. All seating and loungers are distanced 6 feet or more apart. The guests will find their room key already in the door.

> Daily housekeeping is included and available daily upon request.

> The Sanitization Station at entry has touch-less sanitizer dispenser and outdoor sinks are provided. Every sink has signage indicating to wash ones hands thoroughly with soap provided. 

> In the case of an emergency such as a guest or employee having symptoms of Covid-19 we will see that the person(s) move safely and efficiently to the designated isolation room, separate from all guest and staff areas. We will immediately contact the Ministry of Health and Wellness, reporting the date and time, signs and symptoms as well as call our Medical Professional to arrange for an assessment.

*Contact Katamah Guesthouse any time at katamahjamaica@gmail.com with any questions or concerns

Covid-19 Safety + Emergency Contacts
Safety Point Person – Monika Osborne: 876 567 9562 (What's App 1 347 731 7337)
Ministry of Health and Wellness: 888- ONE-LOVE or 876 542 5998
Medical Professional (On Call) – Dr. Kichawele D. Mshana, Black River: 876-965-9686
TPCDO South Coast Rep - Deanne Keating Campbell: 876 574 1122
Email: deanne.keating-campbell@tpcdo.org
National EOC Emergency Line - Saint Elizabeth: 876 8281680
Medical Officer of Health, St Elizabeth Tonia Dawkins-Beharie: 876 318 0349
Email: stelizabethmoh@gmail.com