The Katamah Kitchen

The fully-equipped, Central Kitchen on property is open from 8AM - 10PM for Katamah guests use daily. The Katamah Kitchen features include...

- Complimentary Self Serve Coffee + Tea
- 6 burner Gas stove
- Cook ware & Dishes
- Stainless Steel Chefs Sink
- Stainless Steel Island
- Cooking Essentials (oils/spices)
- Microwave 


Open Daily 7AM - 1PM
Smurfs Cafe is a Treasure Beach classic and community favorite. At this countryside diner, the owner Ms Dawn has cooked delicious breakfasts for 30 years. Try the coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice, Ackee & Saltfish, omelets, pancakes & more! *Cash Only* +1 876 504 7814

Location: Straight down the road 1 minute, take the first left turn at the large sideways tree by ‘Kim's Place'. Smurf Cafe is 15 yards down the first driveway on the right.

Open 9AM - 5PM Daily, Closed Sundays & Wednesdays
One Loave Bakery offers a beautiful assortment of fresh bread, coffee & tasty treats like muffins and pastries! Text Valerie for the selection of the day or preorder. *Cash Only*
WhatsApp +1 603 491 8279

Location: Just 2 minutes walk from Katamah, down the main road. The bakery is upstairs from Mellow Yellow restaurant, the stairs are on the left of the building.

Open Tues, Thurs & Sun 9-5, Fri & Sat 9-7 Closed Mon & Wed
Gabby offers fresh salads, juices, smoothies & sandwiches! This cafe has a great vegan friendly menu. Text to preorder & make sure she is open. *Cash Only* WhatsApp +1 876 835 6610

Location: 5 minutes walk. Turn left when you exit Katamah, walk up the hill along our property fence and continue on the road & 2 minutes past the Treasure Beach hotel. The blue & white cafe comes up on the right.
Restaurants & Bars

Open 8am - 5pm Daily
The many offerings of the Wise Wellness Centre are not to be missed during your stay at Katamah. Serving a delicious farm fresh lunch menu, smoothies and juices daily. It is ideal for anyone looking for a tasty and nourishing meal. The center also offers daily morning yoga, herbal medicine teas, and a variety of groceries for those seeking healthful treats. *Accepts credit cards.*
WhatsApp +1 876 275 8499

Location: Walk straight one minute, take the first left turn at the fallen tree at Kim's Place, Wise Wellness is up the first driveway.

Open 12PM - Just After Sunset
Eggys is the essential Jamaican experience ,just a short stroll down the beach. Fresh seafood in casual dining style right on the sea, paired with a couple of cold beers and great vibes! *Cash Only* +1 876 433 5675

Location: Directly down the beach, turn left at the beach gate and walk 1 minute to the end of the bay by the fishing boats.

Open Tuesday - Sunday 12PM - 8PM
Serving fantastic pizza, delicious, fresh Italian classics as well as Jamaican favorites, dinner at Carmens' Mellow Yellow is a must for every visit to Treasure Beach. *Accepts Credit Cards.*

Location: Just 2 minutes walk on the main road, keep a look out for the yellow dining area and chalkboard sign on the right.

Open 8AM - 9PM Daily
Jakes is a farm fresh favorite where the menu changes daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don't miss this beautiful, gourmet dining experience with great ambiance. Also enjoy excellent cocktails at Dougies Bar overlooking the ocean till 11PM!
*Accepts credit cards.* WhatsApp +1 876 564 3000

Location: Calabash Bay, next door to Jack Sprats, 6 minutes walk/ 2 minute drive. You will see the pink wall & street parking.

Open 12PM - 9PM Daily, Delivery Available!
Soak up the irie vibes in this Jamaican music & film themed spot. This waterfront, family style restaurant is known for their excellent seafood & pizza! Great drinks at the bar & ice cream selection! *Accepts credit cards at the restaurant. Delivery is Cash Only.*
Local # +1 876 564 8983

Location: 5 minutes walk / 2 minutes drive from Katamah. Go straight down the main road. Turn right at the red yellow & green sign. The restaurant is on the other side of the parking lot, right on the water.

Open 9AM - 10PM Daily, Delivery Available!
Everyone will find their favorites at Lashings with a great variety of dishes and pizza. Catch the sunset overlooking Treasure Beach! They offer a free shuttle to/from the restaurant.
*Accepts credit cards.* WhatsApp +1 876-550-1610, +1 876 214 5314

Location: Sandy Bank, 15 minutes drive. Drive on the main road for 5 minutes. Turn left at the end of Calabash bay. Continue straight up the road for 2 minutes, turn left at the blue Lashings sign. Drive slowly 5 minutes to the end of the residential drive.

Open for Dinner 5PM-8PM Daily
Kim serves her local favorites and some of the best Jerk Chicken and burgers in town at her neighborhood bar and eat-in cook shop. Not to be missed during any stay at Katamah! *Cash Only*

Location: Walk right next door to Katamah on the left side of the road, the restaurant is located behind the large sideways tree.

Open Daily 12PM - 7PM
For an authentic Jamaican cook shop with nothing but the classics check out Angie's Diners Delight. Serving affordable meals To-Go daily. Offering great curry or stewed chicken, beef and goat with rice & peas. *Cash Only*

Location: Walk 2 doors down from Katamah, on the right side.

Open 12PM - 7PM Daily
Visit the beautiful neighboring village of Great Bay, known for its skilled lobster fishermen for 100 years! Have your choice of fresh lobster, fish or crab in 9 different styles at this oceanfront cook shop. Take a walk along the beautiful beach, or go for lunch and enjoy a swim! *Cash Only* Local # and WhatsApp +1 876 896 6948

Location: 20 minutes drive. Located on the beach in Great Bay.

Open 12PM - 6PM, Closed Mondays
At this Ital cook shop, Gee Wiz offers vegan food in a traditional Rastafarian style! Local Contact: +1 876 573 5988

Location: Drive just past Calabash Bay, 10 minutes along the main road, the large colorful building on the right side.