Hurricane Update July 14th 
+ Pathways to Support

         We have been deeply moved by the outpouring of love and support from you, our Katamah community around the world! Our little oasis has taken a great hit from Hurricane Beryl. Our family and team are alive and well, for that we give thanks. 

          Katamah is temporarily closed at this time but we plan to reopen as soon as possible. We have started the clean up process. Moni has been salvaging what she can of both home and business furnishings and sentimental items. She has been able to buy a chain saw for Simon to break down large debris (his beloved plants!) and we have purchased a small generator that was delivered Friday night. Please see below for our updated recovery to-do list.

What can you do to support our recovery? 

We greatly appreciate your support at this critical time...
We are asking our friends and community to please plan your return here to come celebrate the recovery from Beryl with us.

We can't wait for the grand opening of the Katamah pool and other new exciting offerings. In many ways, this is the perfect time to make your next booking. 
If you are not ready to book a stay at this time, we ask that you please consider purchasing a gift card with the link below for any amount. Gift cards do not expire so you can use them whenever you are ready to make the trip here and see how we have built back stronger!

All purchases made at this time will immediately aid our clean up & rebuilding work. And even while closed, your purchase would allow us to provide much needed income for our team members and their families. We are looking forward to welcoming you back to Katamah and Treasure Beach!

With all our gratitude,

The Katamah Family
Moni, Simon, Maya, Tia, Sasha, Jorgia, Joshua, Jeffery
& Coffee, Tea & Cocoa

What are Katamah's Hurricane Recovery Needs?

1) The Clean Up: removal of trees and building debris,
removal of unsafe structures,
paychecks to all staff.

2) The rebuilding of the Katamah fence around the entire yard.

3) Roofing repair to the Yana cabin, Marika Suite, the Managers Cottage.

4) Thatch roof repair to the guests lounge/games room

5) Reconstruction of the Berry Suite
the Laila Screen Porch,
the Laundry Rooms & Tool Shed

6) Replanting of the Katamah Gardens

7) Replacement of soft furnishings [mattresses, carpets, pillows] in rooms that lost roofing.

How to buy a Gift Card:
1. Click the Gift Card button above and enter your amount
2. Complete the form with your email address
3. Select your paymet method, check out with Paypal OR Enter your credit or debit card information.  
4. Verify & Receive confirmation via email.
5. You will receive a Katamah E-Gift Card email as confirmation from our office within 24 hours.

Book your future stay for any time after August 15th 2024 as you normally would through our website. Click button above to our Room selection, select Check Availability, enter your dates for your stay. Complete the booking form with your personal and payment information. 

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