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> All Guests of Katamah agree to be responsible for the cost of any additional goods or services purchased by you during your stay. Your credit card will be kept on file to cover the cost of any outstanding balances for additional services, such as extra or irregular cleaning, supplied during your stay or at the time of your departure.

> You agree to be responsible for the cost of any damages to the room and its contents during your stay.


> Standard Check in is 3pm.

> A Check-In Appointment must be scheduled in advance with the Property Manager or Owners by phone or email, for your approximate arrival time for you to be let in to the property.

> Rooms are Guaranteed to be ready by 3pm. We are happy to welcome you early if you are arriving before 3pm, you may drop off your luggage by appointment between 12pm and 3pm. We always try our best to get your room ready for you upon your arrival no matter how early you arrive.

> Check in after 11 PM in the evening is possible though will carry a flat fee payment of $30 USD as a staff member must be made available after hours to check you in.

> If you would like a Katamah driver to meet you and transfer you here please provide us with your full flight itinerary or previous hotel address and preferred pick up time.


> Standard Check-Out time is 11am.

> Your Check Out Appointment must be made with the Katamah Manager or Owners. Inform Katamah Manager by the day before your check out what time you will need to Check out.

> The Check Out process consists of your Room Key Return, Cash payment for Drinks Tab and Laundry Services with the Katamah Manager or Owners.

> Late Check Out: When possible late check-outs of 1pm can be arranged if there is no guest checking into the room that day. Late check outs must moved out of the accommodation by 1pm. If a guest is in need of the room you may arrange baggage storage with our office.

> Baggage Storage: Baggage storage is a great way to enjoy the last day of your trip if you have an afternoon or evening flight. Baggage storage from 11am - 5pm is available for $20 USD per room.

Property Guidelines

> The Communal Kitchen: The Katamah Kitchen is opened by the staff from 8am - 11pm. In the Kitchen, we have honor system for cold drinks and we offer complimentary hot drinks!

> Allergies: Please disclose any allergies you may have in advance to avoid any conflict.

> Housekeeping: Housekeeping is done daily in our rooms and included in the cost of the room, you may always let our cleaning staff know if you will not need this service on a particular day. Rentals of our Private Tents receive Housekeeping upon request daily. Tips of any amount for your housekeeper are entirely up to you and are greatly appreciated! Any housekeeping tip can be given directly at check out to the staff or left at your bedside in your room.

> WiFi: Free Wi Fi is available through out the property.

> Smoking: Smoking is permitted on the property, just not inside your room or directly outside another guests room. Seating areas are provided outside for smoking. We have enough garden for all to enjoy and we ask smokers to respect the space of our families and other non-smoking guests.

> Visitors: We observe a strict GUEST ONLY policy on the property. Please inform Management if you have any Family or friends picking you up or dropping you off that need to be let in. Guests staying for your reservation are registered at the time booking is made. Only guests registered at the time of booking are included in your reservation and permitted on the property.

To register a family member or friend for the day, Day passes can be purchased through the Katamah Manager or Owners daily. A Katamah Day pass is $20 USD per Adult and $15 USD per child, valid 9am - 8pm day of purchase only.

> Laundry Service: Our cleaning staff is happy to wash your personal laundry. See the Katamah Manager or Owners to give your laundry in. The fee for this service is $8 USD per load. A load of laundry is considered 1 plastic grocery or shopping bag, you may ask for a quote when you give in your clothes. Laundry services are to be PAID IN CASH ONLY directly to the Katamah Manager or Owners during your Check Out process.

Leaving an unpaid laundry bill will cause it to be added to your final bill, with an additional credit card processing flat fee of $10 USD. All Unpaid Laundry Bills will be charged to the credit card on file with your booking (within 24 hours after your check out, and up to 7 days after).

> Drinks and Beverages : Cold drinks and Hot beverages are available in the shared kitchen during your stay with us, this is done on the honor system, white boards are available to keep track of what you have taken during your stay. Drink Tabs are to be paid CASH ONLY at the time of your Check Out Appointment.

Any drinks tab that is left unpaid during the Check Out Process will be added to the guests account with an additional credit card processing fee of $10 USD.

> Modesty Policy: At Katamah Guesthouse we observe a modesty policy, there is no nudity or partial nudity permitted on the property. This includes toplessness and thong bikini.

> Room Key: Your Room key is given at your Check in, this key is to be returned at your Check Out by leaving it in the door to your room or handing directly to the Katamah Manager or Owner working that day.

> Lost or Stolen Keys: Contact us right away if you have taken your key and can return it. Lost or taken keys carry a $50 USD replacement fee.
This requires the entire lock to be replaced. When the key cannot be returned, this $50 USD fee will be added to your final bill and we will charge your credit card on file for this after your check out.

Payment Policy

> Taxes: 10% Sales Tax is added to all reservations.
A $1 USD a night county or City tax is also applied.

> Reservations are not final until payment is completed. The cost of reservations are charged in full to the credit card provided during the booking process. If you would like to make a partial payment or pay cash, you must reserve directly with Katamah Guesthouse and make a note of it when sending your reservation via

> Once a reservation is received your credit card will be processed for the full amount of the reservation. Your reservation is not final until your payment is fully processed.

Cancellation Policy - UPDATED due to COVID-19 (Effective April 2020)

All purchases are non-refundable. We offer a free rescheduling to any cancelled reservation.
For any stay cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic related travel restrictions, you will receive a full future credit with no expiry date.

Cancellation Policy - UPDATED Effective Immediately (as of April 1 2020) We offer a free rescheduling to any cancelled reservation. For any stay cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic related travel restrictions, you will receive a full future credit or gift certificate of your stay with no expiry date. All purchases are non-refundable.

3:00 PM - 11:00 PM
If arriving outside of check-in times, please call to make arrangements.

Payment for gift certificates is collected at the time of purchase.

Children are welcome with an accompanying adult. Children age 3 and under stay free. Pets are not allowed.
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