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Driving Tips


From Kingston, you will want to take the highway toll road all the way to city of Mandeville. From Mandeville, you will need to drive about 1 hour more to the coast... in Mandeville, you will want to go south towards Spur Tree. This road should be the A2... passing through Spur Tree then go off of the A2 to the south towards town of May Hill, to go next to the city of Junction, on your right side will be the Junction Main Road. Going through Junction, continue south west on this road all the way to South Field, a small town where you will continue along/past towns of Seaview and Flagaman, stay on this road until you reach the pedro police station and here turning down the hill is the beginning of Treasure Beach. We are located in the inlet of Frenchman's Bay. You will need to pass through, first Spur Tree, Junction, South Fields (you may follow red yellow and green signs for our neighbors 'Jack Sprat Restaurant'). You may continue on the main road through town, 3 minutes driving after Jack Sprat Restaurant and 1 minutes after the Frenchman's Reef Restaurant, our wooden Katamah sign post and gate will be directly ahead of you on this main road. If you need just ask our neighbors for Katamah Guesthouse! Of course please reach us at the house any time for assistance at 876 567 9562.