Featured Artists

Our tranquil sanctuary attracts many creative people from around the world! Check out the wonderful artists who have stayed with us and contributed their vibrant talents to the Katamah experience.

Mary Dunham Eye of Henna Artist Art work Henna Muralist


Mary Dunham is a diverse multimedia artist from New York. Her mediums range from Tattooist, muralist, Henna artist and Reiki master teacher. Mary's art uses her intuitive senses & flows with using freehand painting & designs. Her one of a kind pieces can be found on walls, skin and canvas that tap into the nature spirituality & reflections of divine beauty.

 Instagram @marysmiles

Christian Beijer Art Artist Swedish Art Work Pop Art Painter

Christian Beijer

Christian Beijer is the fashion designer who got tired of the limits of clothes and started to paint. Since he was a kid he´s always been exploring to be creative. DJ, light engineer for rock bands, photographer and fashion designer with his own brand. It was during a 3 month trip to Brazil he re-discovered painting, by the beach in Bahia. Now 30 years later he is still painting, and so far he has sold everything he ever made. He still designs stuff too, for example, two vodka bottles. Heavy Water Vodka and DQ Vodka.

Instagram  @christianbeijer
Christian Beijer Art Artist Painter Swedish

Arnold Charnick Painter New York City Treasure Beach Jamaica

Arnold 'Arnie' Charnick

Arnold 'Arnie' Charnick is a muralist from the Bronx and based in New York City. He is known for his iconic mural titled "Veselkhiarascuro" in trendy hotspot Veselka on Second Avenue. The mural was sold when the restaurant remodeled. On his early career, Charnick is leading the life of a struggling artist working as a short-order cook, painting signs, doing some free-lance work. Charnick got his break when Veselka owner Tom Birchard asked him to brighten up the bare, white wall on the Ninth St. side of the shop. Soon after his first work, Charnick became a neighborhood attraction. He painted signs in the neighborhood since 1980.
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