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* You agree to be responsible for the cost of any additional goods or services requested by you during your stay. Your credit card will be kept on file to cover the cost of any unpaid balances.

* You agree to be responsible for any damage to the room and its contents during your stay. Your credit card will be kept on file to cover the cost of any extraordinary cleaning or repairs in the room, if caused during your stay.


* Check-Ins are done by appointment whenever you arrive at Katamah! We are glad to receive you anytime of day, however we cannot guarantee your room will be ready before 3pm. Check in after 11 PM in the evening is possible though will cost a flat fee payment of $30 USD as staff must be available to check you in at that hour.

* If you are arriving before 3pm we are happy to welcome you. You can drop off your luggage by appointment between 11am and 3pm. Please note that we always try our best to get your room ready for you upon your arrival no matter how early you arrive.

* A Check-In Appointment must be scheduled in advance with the Property Manager or Owners. We are an owner-operated guesthouse and we plan our day to be available for your arrival so we do need to know of any last-minute delays as well. If you are flying in that day please provide us with your full flight itinerary so we can also track the flight status while in air. We are also happy to arrange your airport transportation to The South Coast after your landing.


* Standard Check-Out time is 11am. If you are flying out that day, please provide us with your departure time. When possible late check-outs can be arranged if there is no guest checking into the room that day. If a guest is in need of the room we would be happy to hold your baggage free of charge.

* Self-Checkout is always fine as all reservation are pre-paid. Just leave the keys in your room if we are not available.

* Baggage Storage: Baggage storage is a great way to enjoy the last day of your trip if you have an afternoon or evening flight. Baggage storage from 11am - 9pm is available for $20 per room.

* Smoking: Smoking is permitted on the property, just not inside your room. A seating are is provided outside each bedroom for smoking.

* Visitors: We have a strict GUEST ONLY policy on the property. Please inform Management if you have any Family or friends picking you up or dropping you off. Room pricing is based on 2-person occupancy. An additional bed for a third guest is $30.00 per night.

* Laundry Service : Our cleaning staff is happy to wash your personal laundry, the fee for this service is $8 USD per load and is paid directly to the Manager at the time of check out. Unpaid laundry bills will be charged to your credit card on file and incur an extra credit card processing fee $5 USD charge for this per laundry bill.

* Drinks and Beverages : Cold drinks and beverages are available in the shared kitchen during your stay with us, this is done on the honor system, white boards are available to keep track of what you have taken during your stay. Any drinks tap that is left unpaid durning the check out process will be added to the over all room bill with a credit card processing fee of $5 usd

* Allergies: Please disclose any allergies you may have in advance to avoid any conflict.

Payment Policy

* Unless otherwise requested, the cost of your reservation will be charged to the credit card provided during the booking process. If you would like to make a partial payment, deposit or pay cash, please make a note of it when making your reservation. Other-wise once your reservation request is received your credit card will be processed for the full amount of the reservation within 24 hours of processing your reservation but also may take up to 10 days after booking. A 10% Room tax is added to all reservations. Your reservation is not final until your payment is fully processed and you receive a Reservation Receipt via email.

Cancellation Policy

* We offer a 100% refund for cancellations with 30 days notice, and a 50% refund with 14 days notice.

* If we can rebook the dates, we always do our best to give you a 100% refund.

* All Cancellations of reservations registered for 6 Months or more in advance do not qualify for any refunding.

* We charge a non-refundable $30 cancellation fee to cover administrative costs.