About Us
Katamah is a natural and nontraditional beach oasis... this creative & caring environment offers a collection of well designed vacation homes. At Katamah, each apartment-suite, beach cabin and villa room is a visually unique, deeply comfortable and impeccably clean experience.

Attracting kind-hearted people with a conscious energy for almost a decade, Katamah is ideal for rest and reconnecting to nature as well as being a part of a safe, small community of travelers. With just 10 rooms on a 2 acre property, many guests find their time at Katamah to be transformative and spiritually replenishing.

Katamah is designed and hosted by Monika Osborne, previously an interior designer in New York City for 20 years with a signature Moroccan influence. Originally from Martha's Vineyard with family ties to Morocco, Moni chose the Native American word 'Katamah' from her home island for its meaning; 'place to fish'. The name Katamah also pays homage to the coastal Ketama Mountains in Northern Morocco near to where she and her family lived in Tangier.

Katamah has been carefully and passionately constructed by British landscape gardener, Simon Newell. As collaborators, Moni and Simon create a sacred and loving environment at their beach home, hosting every guest at Katamah with generosity and warmth alongside their children and a friendly local staff.
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